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We translate Interior Design and Architecture projects into immersive, interactive Virtual Reality experiences.

VR Visualization


We work on the experience of showcasing properties as an integral part of a real estate marketing strategy.

Real Estate Marketing


We create interactive virtual catalogues that showcase different styles of interior design.

Virtual Catalogues


We create experiences for stands and pop-up shops for conventions, brand events and expos.



Our Services

Design at Thalamus isn't only about technology, but experiences. We believe every project is unique and must be developed understanding its context and individual essence.

We work to redefine the creative and emotional bridges between clients and space. They way they will be experienced, will never be the same.

Redefine your client's visualization experience:
"Experience your future home before it is even built!"

Virtual Reality allows us to understand the spaces, but also to feel them and experience how it is really being there.

Architecture &

Interior Design


Let's sell more together!

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